Get your time back with one intelligent bank account that keeps you in control.

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Get going fast

Open your business account seamlessly.

No paperwork

Focus on business. We take care of the admin.

Always on, 24/7

Our team is here to support you anytime.

Be in control

Stay on top of your business with our smart dashboard.

Turbocharge your business with innovative tools

Easy, fast, and always online

With our digital account opening, we’re everywhere you go, in one super savvy app.

Manage expenses with virtual cards

Adios cash management! Give your team access to unlimited virtual cards for your business payments.

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Multi-User access

Empower your team to manage your company's finances while maintaining control of your account.

Do business globally with the best FX rates out there

Pay low FX rates on all non-AED purchases.

Automate your admin

Payments made easy. Prepare, send, and collect them through automated invoicing.

Stay on target with our saving spaces

Set up saving spaces to make sure your VAT, rent, and other bills are always covered.

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Get a wider picture of your business

Manage your account and all your business transactions from your desktop.

Know what you pay for

We’re transparent and we keep things simple – no jargon & no hidden charges.

We’re changing the game

We go beyond the competition - way beyond.

No fuss banking
100% Digital bank account
Easy account opening/switching
Zero hidden charges
Account plans
You’re in Control
Free debit card
Instant virtual cards
Wio Business Admin assist
Payment chaser
Real-time dashboard
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Pricing made simple

Our first account plan is designed to give your business everything it needs.


minimum balance

AED 99

monthly subscription fee

30 days

free trial

Everyday banking

Debit card

Free (Replacement for AED 26.25)

Virtual cards


Local transfers


Foreign currency (Bank Transaction Fee)


International transfers

Wise fees apply

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Cash withdrawals & deposits (FAB ATMs)


Cash withdrawals (Other UAE ATMs)

AED 2.10

Cash withdrawals (GCC ATMs)

AED 6.30

International cash withdrawls

AED 21

Cash deposits (Lulu exchange)

AED 10.50

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Cheque deposits (FAB ATMs)


Cheque book

10 leaves free, 25 leaves AED 52.50

Returned cheque

AED 157.50

Cheque copy

AED 52.50

Stop cheque

AED 157.50

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  1. This Price Plan is inclusive of VAT.
  2. Wio Bank Standard Terms apply.
  3. The Effective Date is May 1, 2022.
  4. Wio Bank may change the pricing and fees at any time subject to prior notice.
  5. Your monthly fee will be charged 30 days after opening your account.

Are you eligible to open a Wio Business account?

Business types we support:

  • Sole proprietors or individuals with sole authorisation to open and operate a bank account for their company.
  • Freelancers with a freelancer permit issued by a licensing authority.

Business types we can’t support:

  • Companies with multiple signatories required to operate a bank account.
  • Jewelry & bullion trading
  • Money exchange
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Unlicensed financial institutions
  • Auction houses or antiques
  • Trusts or funds
  • Gambling
  • Charities
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